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    • What's Included: A small Zogoflex Toppl with a 2.5 oz bag of freeze-dried beef liver morsels OR a large Toppl with a 2.0 oz bag of freeze-dried lamb hearts
    • Why You Need: This fun toy will reduce boredom and keep your dog entertained
    • How To Use: Wedge treats between the inner ridges and watch the fun as your pup tries to retrieve them from this tipsy toy; to make the fun last longer, take your pups favorite wet food and place over treats and freeze
    • Our Treat Pairing: Our beef liver and lamb hearts can be wedged nicely between the inner ridges of the toy
    • Why We Love: These toys are durable and versatile: you can stuff a sock or another toy in over the wedged treats, you can layer wet food in the toy and freeze, and you can interlock the two sizes together, to make the toy even more challenging; it is BPA and phthalate free, so it is safe to eat off of
    • Suitability: Perfect for dogs of all ages and any size
    • Cleaning: Top shelf of dishwasher
    • Toppl Size: Small measures 3 x 3 x 2.5" and large measures 4 x 3.5 x 3.5"
    • Toppl Colors: Orange, turquoise or green (we will handpick a color to match your dog's aura)