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    Our Commitment to Rescue Organizations

    At Fig & Tyler, we are forever grateful for the hard work and dedication of rescue organizations and animal shelters.

    Fig and his siblings were found on the side of a road, by a local rescue organization on the island of Antigua. Fig came into our lives while on vacation, when we were asked to accompany him back to New York City, where they thought he would have a greater chance of adoption in a local shelter. Half way through the flight home, we knew we had found a friend for life and within a few days we had made it official – Fig had become the newest member of our family and Tyler’s new BFF.

    We owe so much to those who cared for Fig, and those that care for other animals in need of a forever home. So every month we donate a portion of our online sales to a shelter or rescue organization. However, in June we are going to be mixing things up a bit as we are partnering with Next Step Service Dogs to celebrate PTSD Awareness Month.  Next Steps is an amazing organization whose mission is to renew the life of veterans and first responders through service dog placement and training.  We encourage you to check them out and see all the great work they do at  And, shop our site on June 20 and 21 as $5 from each order will be going to this worthy cause!