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    Who can participate?
    We welcome all not-for-profit shelters and rescues located in the United States. If you work for a not-for-profit organization that focuses on dogs and cats that is not a shelter/rescue, but you think this program would benefit you, simply reach out to us at and we can discuss further.

    How does the program work?
    We give shelters/rescues a unique promo code that they can share with new pet parents, fosters, or supporters of the organization. When the code is used on our website to buy treats, the user will get a discount on their purchase and we will give the organization 2 free bags of premium meat treats! We also give shelters/rescues postcards that they can share. Note: Promo code can only be used once by the consumer.


    What type of treats do organizations receive?
    Raw, freeze-dried, human-grade meat treats that are made here in the USA. These premium treats are 100% meat, with no preservatives or additives, and are made from USDA-inspected meat.

    When do organizations get the free treats?
    When 6 people have used the organization's promo code, we will ship them for free, 12 consumer-sized bags of our treats or 2 of our large Pet-Pro-sized bags of treats (these contain the same volume as 12 of the smaller bags). When another 6 people use the promo code we will send more treats, and so on.

    How does an organization sign up for the program?
    The rescue/shelter should email us at and tell us they would like to participate. In that email please include the name and email address of a contact person at the organization along with the mailing address of where we would ship the free treats to. Once we approve the organization for the program, we will send them postcards (see above) along with their unique promo code.