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    There are hundreds of possible combinations of treats you can select, so depending on your order, the weight will vary. To calculate the approximate weight, see chart below. For example, if you ordered a Large Bag & the 3 treats you selected were Beef Liver (5.0 oz.), Duck (4.0 oz.) & Sardines (4.0 oz.) the bag would contain approximately 13.0 oz.


    Get creative & make the perfect treat mix for your BFF!


    1. Pick the size of a bag

    • Medium bag: average weight of 6 oz.
    • Large bag: average weight of 10.5 oz.

    See Estimated Bag Sizes below for more details 

    2. Select from our single-ingredient treats

    • Medium bag: pick 2 treats
    • Large bag: pick 3 treats


    • Flat price of $36.99 for a Medium and $63.99 for a Large bag (Note: There is a surcharge for our super-premium treats - bison liver, duck liver and tilapia - of $6/selection in a Medium and $9/selection in a Large bag)

    The Treats

    • Our treats are made from 100% USDA-inspected meat and fresh fish, with absolutely no other ingredients; both dogs and cats love them
    • The meat and fish for our raw, freeze-dried treats are proudly sourced in the USA