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    • What's Included: A Wooly Snuffle Mat and a 4 oz bag of duck liver food toppers
    • Why You Need: Snuffle mats trigger dogs' instinct to hunt and forage by making them search for treats and food; it is challenging, engaging, and just plain fun
    • How To Use: Pour food topper or dry treats on mat and watch your pup put their nose to work; mat can also be used to feed your dog to promote slower eating
    • Our Treat Pairing: Our duck liver food toppers will hide nicely in the mat’s crevasses as they are small flakes and ‘magic dust’ that are 100% duck liver
    • Why We Love: This snuffle mat is consistently reviewed as one of the top mats due to its unique design and durable construction
    • Suitability: Perfect for dogs of all ages and any size
    • Cleaning: Machine washable
    • Mat Size: 12" x 18" x 3"