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    There are hundreds of possible combinations of treats you can select, so depending on your order, the weight will vary. To calculate the approximate weight, see chart below. For example, if you ordered a Large Bag & the 3 treats you selected were Beef Liver (5.0 oz.), Duck (4.0 oz.) & Sardines (4.0 oz.) the bag would contain approximately 13.0 oz.
      • Select 3 of your dog or cat's favorite treats and we will deliver them to you in this handy jute tote
      • Whichever raw freeze-dried or meatball treats you pick, you can't go wrong; they are all rich in nutrients and your dog or cat will find them irresistible
      • This also makes the perfect gift to welcome a new dog, celebrate a birthday or an adoptaversary
      • Note: There is a surcharge of $3 per bag for our super-premium bison liver and Pacific rockfish freeze-dried treats, meatballs as well as beef chips and chicken planks
      • If this is a gift, at checkout you can write a note to the recipient. And if you plan to present the gift yourself, check out our Greeting Cards.