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    • What's Included: A Dog Casino puzzle, a 2.5 oz bag of freeze-dried beef heart training morsels & a 2.5 oz bag of freeze-dried lamb liver training morsels
    • Why You Need: This puzzle is mentally stimulating and reduces boredom; it will help your dog to learn sequential steps to find hidden treats; it is also a great way to redirect negative behavior in a fun way
    • How To Use: This interactive puzzle has 6 treat drawers that your dog can access by pulling on the red handles to open; the drawers can also be locked by twisting the bone to create an additional sequential step your dog must solve
    • Our Treat Pairing: Beef heart training morsels and lamb liver training morsel fit easily into the compartments
    • Why We Love: This puzzle keeps dogs mentally active and it is fun for them; it is also fun for us humans to watch them paw, sniff, and nudge the toy to reveal the hidden treats
    • Suitability: Perfect for dogs of all sizes; young puppies may not enjoy as they could find it frustrating
    • Cleaning: Wash with soap and warm water
    • Puzzle Size: 2" x 14" x 12"