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    • What's Included: A Wooly Snuffle Mat, a 1.75 oz bag of chicken hearts training morsels & a 2.0 oz bag of freeze-dried sardines
    • Why You Need: Snuffle mats trigger dogs' instinct to hunt and forage by making them search for treats and food; it is challenging, engaging, and just plain fun
    • How To Use: Pour dry treats or food on mat and watch your pup put their nose to work; mat can also be used to feed your dog to promote slower eating
    • Our Treat Pairing: Chicken hearts are one of our smaller treats and will hide in the mat's crevasses and sardines are one of our smellier treats and can be crumbled into smaller pieces that can get 'lost' in the mat
    • Why We Love: This snuffle mat is consistently reviewed as one of the top mats due to its unique design and durable construction
    • Suitability: Perfect for dogs of all ages and any size
    • Cleaning: Machine washable
    • Mat Size: 12" x 18" x 3"